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101 the incarnation of devil (star ocean the second story).mp3
102 one challenge (star ocean).mp3
103 silent the universe (star ocean the second story).mp3
104 confidence in the domination (valkyrie profile).mp3
105 an ideal (star ocean).mp3
106 sail against the wind (star ocean till the end of time).mp3
107 theme of rena (star ocean the second story).mp3
108 for achieve (star ocean).mp3
109 integral body and imperfect soul (star ocean the second story).mp3
110 mission to the empty space (star ocean till the end of time).mp3
111 behave irrationally (valkyrie profile).mp3
112 all is twilight (valkyrie profile).mp3
113 starless wavelets (star ocean till the end of time).mp3
114 manifestation (star ocean till the end of time).mp3
115 new world (star ocean).mp3
116 the true nature of all (valkyrie profile).mp3
117 fragments of the heart (valkyrie profile).mp3
118 demand (star ocean).mp3
119 the neverending cycle of reincarnation (valkyrie profile).mp3
120 field of exper (star ocean the second story).mp3
121 till the end of time (star ocean till the end of time).mp3
122 reunion (star ocean).mp3
123 the venerable forest (star ocean the second story).mp3
124 resolution (star ocean the second story).mp3
125 unfinished battle with god syndrome (valkyrie profile).mp3
126 at the bottom of hell is distortion (valkyrie profile).mp3
127 pure a stream (star ocean the second story).mp3
128 sky gate (valkyrie profile).mp3
129 the divine spirit of language (star ocean till the end of time).mp3
130 brass wings (star ocean till the end of time).mp3
131 highbrow (star ocean till the end of time).mp3
201 epic tale of a holy death (valkyrie profile).mp3
202 like becoming accustomed to happiness (valkyrie profile).mp3
203 the desolte smell of earth (star ocean till the end of time).mp3
204 the strong (star ocean).mp3
205 ka.mi.ka.ze (star ocean the second story).mp3
206 tangency (star ocean the second story).mp3
207 turn over a new leaf (valkyrie profile).mp3
208 fly away in the violet sky (star ocean till the end of time).mp3
209 we form in crystals (star ocean the second story).mp3
210 calm time (star ocean).mp3
211 the first unison (valkyrie profile).mp3
212 an illusion of the brainstem (valkyrie profile).mp3
213 field of nede (star ocean the second story).mp3
214 divine indignation (star ocean till the end of time).mp3
215 stab the sword of justice (star ocean the second story).mp3
216 mission to the deep space (star ocean the second story).mp3
217 relief (star ocean).mp3
218 so alone, be sorrow (star ocean till the end of time).mp3
219 cutting edge of notion (star ocean till the end of time).mp3
220 tense atmosphere (star ocean).mp3
221 beast of prey (star ocean the second story).mp3
222 into a world becoming impure (valkyrie profile).mp3
223 the dawn of wisdom (star ocean till the end of time).mp3
224 hand to hand (star ocean blue sphere).mp3
225 myth of fate (star ocean blue sphere).mp3
226 no mercy (star ocean blue sphere).mp3
227 death is a great leveller (star ocean blue sphere).mp3
228 civilization keeper (star ocean blue sphere).mp3
229 legacy from the past (star ocean blue sphere).mp3
230 pacifism (star ocean blue sphere).mp3
231 peace of mind (star ocean blue sphere).mp3
232 star ocean forever (star ocean blue sphere).mp3

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