Audio Mountain - Falcom Legend MP3 Downloads

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01-opening theme.mp3
02-castle - where we meet.mp3
03-the inn.mp3
04-the lost king's sceptre - dungeon.mp3
05-the lost talisman - underground dungeon.mp3
06-lucifer's water gate - underground dungeon.mp3
07-cursed oasis - luwan and the gold dragon.mp3
08-thieves' tower - underworld.mp3
09-thieves' tower - the seal.mp3
10-the wizard of the dark marsh - red dragon.mp3
11-romancia - azelba kingdom.mp3
12-the mystery of the red jewel - forest.mp3
13-the black wizard - dungeon.mp3
14-the black wizard - gedis.mp3
15-the black wizard - blue dragon.mp3
16-the cursed ship queen mary - aboard ship.mp3
17-the cursed ship queen mary - landing party.mp3
18-the gods in heaven - combat scene.mp3
19-the gods in heaven - the heavens.mp3
20-the ice caverns - cave i.mp3
21-the head of medusa - forest.mp3
22-the head of medusa - village.mp3
23-the head of medusa - medusa.mp3
24-the imprisoned wizard - underground fortress.mp3
25-the fountain of youth - the cave of life.mp3
26-the king dragon - ending - king dragon.mp3
27-demonic isle - demonic isle.mp3
28-a flower enchanted by the devil - golem.mp3
29-clear bgm - congratulation!.mp3
30-the tale of nobunga oda - holy wind and thunder.mp3
31-the tale of yukimura sanada - ninja mansion.mp3
32-the tale of ieyasu tokagawa - deadly assassin.mp3
33-opening theme.mp3
34-inn & residence theme.mp3
35-select screen.mp3
36-overworld theme.mp3
37-all together now.mp3
38-shop theme.mp3
39-theme of xemn.mp3
40-battle with tarantuness.mp3
41-battle with erebone.mp3
42-theme of lyll.mp3
43-battle with archwinger.mp3
44-theme of meia.mp3
45-battle with rock gaia.mp3
46-dragon showdown.mp3
47-ending theme.mp3
48-teatime melody.mp3
49-death theme.mp3
50-treasure chest.mp3
51-monster minion - common.mp3
53-the voice of god.mp3
59-battle point ver.a.mp3
60-dora doran.mp3
61-ice zone - green zone.mp3
64-soldier' sorrow.mp3
65-born to dark - jinza.mp3
66-scattered islands.mp3
67-open your heart.mp3
69-holders of power.mp3
70-tower of the shadow of death.mp3
72-the morning grow.mp3
73-ice ridge of noltia.mp3
74-inside of the ice wall.mp3
75-moat of burnedbless.mp3
76-subterranean canal.mp3
77-stay with me forever.mp3
78-a premonition - styx.mp3
79-the boy's got wings.mp3
80-dark beasts as black as night.mp3
81-shock of the death god.mp3
82-walking the path of legend.mp3
84-crimson wings.mp3
85-field of gale.mp3
87-jungle - battle.mp3
88-geist race.mp3
90-to make the end of battle.mp3
91-first step towards wars.mp3
96-great kraken.mp3
97-snow blue.mp3
98-ilberns ruins.mp3

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