Gyakuten Saiban 1+2 Original Soundtrack MP3 Downloads

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101-gyakuten saiban - prologue.mp3
102-courtroom lounge ~ beginning of the prelude.mp3
103-gyakuten saiban - trial.mp3
104-examination ~ moderate 2001.mp3
105-logic and trick.mp3
106-ryuuichi naruhodou ~ objection! 2001.mp3
107-examination ~ allegro 2001.mp3
108-investigation ~ overtaked.mp3
109-inform the truth 2001.mp3
111-investigation ~ overtaked (variation).mp3
112-jingle ~ it doesn't end here.mp3
113-search ~ opening 2001.mp3
114-shinshuu ryouri ~ gyakuten sisters' theme 2001.mp3
115-police cell ~ jailers' elegy.mp3
116-keisuke itonoko ~ itonoko geijissu.mp3
117-reminiscence ~ true evening of grief.mp3
118-soranosuke hoshikage ~ old, regret, reward.mp3
119-congratulations everybody.mp3
120-reminiscence ~ light and shadow of the film studio.mp3
121-oo-edo soldier tonosaman.mp3
122-reminiscence ~ dl6 case.mp3
123-search ~ core 2001.mp3
124-reminiscence ~ classroom trial.mp3
125-won the lawsuit! ~ the first success.mp3
126-gyakuten saiban - end.mp3
127-gyakuten sisters' ballade.mp3
201-gyakuten saiban 2 - prologue ~ from j.s. bach 'toccatta and fuga in d- bwv565'.mp3
202-arrival melody (takamasa moroheiya).mp3
203-courtroom lounge ~ overture again.mp3
204-gyakuten saiban 2 - trial.mp3
205-examination ~ moderate 2002.mp3
206-trick and magic.mp3
207-ryuuichi naruhodou ~ objection! 2002.mp3
208-examination ~ allegro 2002.mp3
209-investigation ~ cross-examining.mp3
210-inform the truth 2002.mp3
211-arrival melody (ryuuichi naruhodou).mp3
212-investigation ~ cross-examining (variation).mp3
213-jingle ~ it didn't sleep in that night.mp3
214-psycho lock.mp3
215-search ~ opening 2002.mp3
216-shinshuu ryouri ~ gyakuten sisters' theme 2002.mp3
217-police cell ~ elegy of surveillance cameras.mp3
218-souin village.mp3
219-reminiscence ~ the fire carves scars.mp3
222-tachimi - circus.mp3
223-congratulations everybody, again.mp3
224-reminiscece ~ true pain.mp3
225-sasayuuemon kuroushike ~ murderous gentleman of pleasure.mp3
226-harumi ryouri ~ hamichan questioning.mp3
227-search ~ in the midst 2002.mp3
228-great revival ~ reiji mitsurugi.mp3
229-hotline of fate.mp3
230-search ~ core 2002.mp3
231-reminiscence ~ tonosaman's ballade.mp3
232-great revival ~ myou shuma.mp3
233-won the lawsuit! ~ success again.mp3
234-gyakuten saiban 2 - end.mp3
235-prosecutors' murmur ~ expecting the next meeting.mp3

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