Chaos Legion Original Soundtrack MP3 Downloads

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101 blood remains main title.mp3
102 narration bgm -first half-.mp3
103 stage title bgm.mp3
104 welcome to the darkness stage ~iku city~.mp3
105 pledge stage ~street~.mp3
106 from result screen to intermission -first phase-.mp3
107 choir of curse boss bgm -type1-.mp3
108 a way to nowhere stage ~ruins~.mp3
109 evil shore stage ~lake shore~.mp3
110 the drones of hell boss bgm -type2-.mp3
111 ravine of silence stage ~ravine~.mp3
112 i can hear the shriek stage ~cave~.mp3
113 from result screen to intermission -middle phase-.mp3
114 monks stage ~forest~.mp3
115 feel no fear stage ~sky gallery~.mp3
116 narration bgm -second half-.mp3
117 bloody truth theme music of delacroix -1st-.mp3
118 battle cry stage ~town~.mp3
119 solemn voice stage ~cathedral gallery~.mp3
120 from result screen to intermission -final phase-.mp3
121 be killed again theme music of delacroix -2nd-.mp3
122 massive strokes theme music of arzail.mp3
123 now i see theme music of siela.mp3
124 fly[english version] performed by liv.mp3
125 the final result.mp3
201 chaos legion drama digest.mp3
202 chaos legion drama digest (extended piano instrumental).mp3

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