Gradius 2 - MSX Version, Original Sound of MP3 Downloads

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01 opening theme - start !!.mp3
02 air battle (biginning the every stage bgm).mp3
03 gaiant statue planet theme (1st, 13th stage bgm).mp3
04 big plant planet theme (2nd, 12th stage bgm).mp3
05 ancient planet theme (3rd, 11th stage bgm).mp3
06 floating continent planet theme (4th, 10th stage bgm).mp3
07 flame planet theme (5th, 9th stage theme).mp3
08 living planet theme (6th, 8th stage bgm).mp3
09 fortress planet theme (7th stage bgm).mp3
10 space tricky area theme (extra stage bgm).mp3
11 venom mother ship theme (last stage bgm).mp3
12 boss bgm.mp3
13 return to mother planet bgm (venom attacking the planet'gradius' demo bgm).mp3
14 inside of battleship bgm.mp3
15 ending theme - game over !!.mp3
16 se collection (original sound effect).mp3

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