Tantei Jinguji Saburo Yume no Owari ni Soundtrack, 10th Anniv. Special MP3 Downloads

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101 jinguji medley 98 (the end of dream).mp3
102 dark illusion.mp3
103 introduction.mp3
104 misty morning.mp3
105 destiny.mp3
106 for the change.mp3
107 silent shadow iii.mp3
108 silent shadow ii.mp3
109 silent shadow i.mp3
110 colors.mp3
111 journeyman.mp3
112 little window.mp3
113 nobody knows.mp3
114 relaxation i.mp3
115 relaxation ii.mp3
116 feel at ease.mp3
117 peaceful time.mp3
118 inference.mp3
119 cloudy memory.mp3
120 sad love.mp3
121 hope of gray.mp3
122 silver city.mp3
123 thirsty tension.mp3
124 nightmare.mp3
125 sign of....mp3
126 see over.mp3
127 suspician.mp3
128 uneasyness.mp3
129 overtake.mp3
130 emotions.mp3
131 pizza time.mp3
132 ending (new crescent of high moon).mp3
201 the 1st medley (shinjuku central park murder case).mp3
202 the 2nd medley (yokohama harbor serial-murders case).mp3
203 the 3rd medley (two dangerous persons).mp3
204 the 4th medley (similar passing away).mp3
205 the 5th medley (incomplete report).mp3
206 incomplete report ending (key to the shrine temple).mp3
207 prologue.mp3
208 underground passage.mp3
209 examination room.mp3
210 soul amuro.mp3
211 yono at the sickroom.mp3
212 pursuit.mp3
213 arrest.mp3
214 meeting room.mp3
215 yono and tsurumaki.mp3
216 christmas (the end of a dream).mp3
217 shrine-temple of a daily living.mp3
218 yoko by the window.mp3
219 gazing at shinjuku kumano.mp3
220 shrine-temple of a bar.mp3
221-yukas room.mp3
222-yukas sickroom and shrine-temple editing.mp3
223-yukas sickroom and yoko editing.mp3
224-edited by murooka arrest.mp3
225-edited by shrine-temple murooka arrest and yoko.mp3
226-edited by murooka arrest and kumano.mp3
227-answering machine.mp3
228-miki who is surprised in the room of noda.mp3
229-mo dealings.mp3
230-two persons on a motorbike.mp3
231-car chase.mp3
232-omori arrest.mp3
233-field tiandu white.mp3
234-shrine-temple an end.mp3
235-edited by yoko an end.mp3
236-edited by kumano an end.mp3
237-edited by miki an end.mp3

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