Taito 1500 Box Scitron 5th Anniversary MP3 Downloads

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100-cd info pccb-00130 disc 1.txt
100-pccb-00130 disc 1.jpg
101-cameltry coin, course select.mp3
102-bgm 1 halley.mp3
103-bgm 2 psychedelic delicacy.mp3
104-bgm 3 headache medicine.mp3
105-lucky slot number bonus match.mp3
106-bgm 4 the mouse circles round and round.mp3
107-bgm 5 final round rotary functional.mp3
108-congratulation, ending.mp3
109-bgm1 otow mix, game over.mp3
110-cadash prologue, coin.mp3
111-name selection.mp3
112-everyday town village.mp3
113-scene of start high rock.mp3
114-morning on the plain, slowly leveling up.mp3
115-scene of water item acquisition.mp3
117-scene of a shadow under forest shade.mp3
118-scene of blood-sucking plant.mp3
119-scene of sliding on ice.mp3
120-scene of thunderstorm.mp3
121-scene of insane laughter.mp3
122-in the castle.mp3
123-blood confrontation.mp3
124-fanfare, ending.mp3
125-game over.mp3
126-scene of footprints in the snow (unused tune).mp3
127-from winter into spring.mp3
200-pccb-00130 disc 2.jpg
201-title darkness & death, insert coin.mp3
202-opening demo bearval-lay.mp3
203-main theme animal.mp3
204-boss theme war shattered banquet.mp3
205-theme 2 wicked god transmigration.mp3
206-theme 3 call of nightmare.mp3
207-theme 4 the blood of demon.mp3
208-bad ending pantheon.mp3
209-last boss theme empress descending.mp3
210-ending far side of the heart.mp3
211-s.e. collection, game over.mp3
212-insert coin, tiny fanfare.mp3
213-ride the pelican! everyone friends!.mp3
214-waltze of water and bubble (stage 2).mp3
215-halley rise, round clear.mp3
216-toy panic (stage 3).mp3
217-(stage 4).mp3
218-bogey man.mp3
219-(stage 5).mp3
220-(stage 6).mp3
221-labyrinth (stage 7).mp3
222-stage boss.mp3
223-toy lineup.mp3
224-chan chan chan.mp3
225-s.e. collection.mp3
300-pccb-00130 disc 3.jpg
301-catch vi ~ my earth.mp3
304-rune & ark.mp3
305-theme of kain.mp3
306-success ~ fade in.mp3
309-paper guy.mp3
310-fazz tap.mp3
311-green land.mp3
312-dear partner.mp3
313-down way.mp3
314-the inn of last home.mp3
315-voice collection.mp3
316-as for me, coin.mp3
317-storm of desert.mp3
318-welcome to heaven.mp3
319-in the sky.mp3
322-to wilderness.mp3
323-yun fuao.mp3
325-on top of the clouds.mp3
400-pccb-00130 disc 4.jpg
401-red & yellow.mp3
402-take off.mp3
403-born to be free.mp3
405-dancing horming.mp3
406-dual moon.mp3
409-area 26-10.mp3
410-dio panic!.mp3
411-non fiction.mp3
412-waste days.mp3
413-the gate of guardian.mp3
416-game is over.mp3
418-a mirage of mind.mp3
419-into the h.i..mp3
500-pccb-00130 disc 5.jpg
501-title demonstration.mp3
502-radish land ~story explanation~.mp3
503-insert coin, selection bgm.mp3
504-uncles room bgm.mp3
505-bgm 1, rucksack & mels town.mp3
506-underground bgm ~radio tone~ (unused).mp3
507-boss bgm ~normal version~.mp3
508-bgm 2, crystalline mountain.mp3
509-boss bgm ~cliff deterioration version~.mp3
510-round clear.mp3
511-pulling out code.mp3
512-bgm 3, house of delusion.mp3
513-boss bgm ~mirror jishi version~.mp3
514-next round bgm.mp3
515-bgm 4, desert.mp3
516-special magical man bgm.mp3
517-special magical person bgm.mp3
518-bgm 5, depleted town.mp3
519-boss bgm ~shaman~.mp3
520-bgm 6.mp3
521-bgm 7, on sky & cloud (unused).mp3
522-vigorous code.mp3
523-bgm 8, forest of snow and memory.mp3
524-special magical babysitter bgm.mp3
525-bgm 9, cave of confusion.mp3
526-all rounds clear.mp3
528-game over.mp3
529-name listing.mp3
530-s.e. collection.mp3

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