Jak and Daxter - The Precursor Legacy Rip MP3 Downloads

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00 - jak and daxter - the precursor legacy.txt
01-naughty dog.mp3
02-title screen.mp3
04-geyser rock.mp3
05-sandover village (green sage mix).mp3
06-sandover village (keira mix).mp3
07-sandover village (fisherman mix).mp3
08-sandover village (mayor mix).mp3
09-sandover village (uncle mix).mp3
10-sandover village (sculptor mix).mp3
11-sandover village (farmer mix).mp3
12-sandover village (bird watcher mix).mp3
13-forbidden jungle.mp3
14-forbidden jungle (fisherman's theme).mp3
15-forbidden jungle (machine mix).mp3
16-forbidden jungle (precusor area mix).mp3
17-forbidden jungle (outside the temple mix).mp3
18-forbidden jungle temple.mp3
19-forbidden jungle temple (blue eco vent mix).mp3
20-forbidden jungle temple (vs. dark eco plant).mp3
21-sentinel beach.mp3
22-sentinel beach (windmill mix).mp3
23-sentinel beach (bird watcher mix).mp3
24-misty island.mp3
25-misty island (on the ship).mp3
26-fire canyon.mp3
27-rock village.mp3
28-rock village (samos mix).mp3
29-rock village (warrior mix).mp3
30-rock village (gambler mix).mp3
31-rock village (geologist mix).mp3
32-rock village (levitation cannon & keira mix).mp3
33-lost precursor city.mp3
34-precursor basin.mp3
35-boggy swamp.mp3
36-boggy swamp (flut flut mix).mp3
37-mountain pass.mp3
38-mountain pass (vs. klaww).mp3
39-volcanic crater.mp3
40-volcanic crater (samos and keira mix).mp3
41-volcanic crater (miners mix).mp3
42-volcanic crater (train track mix).mp3
43-spider caves.mp3
44-spider caves (blackout).mp3
45-spider caves (robot mix).mp3
46-spider caves (top of the robot mix).mp3
47-snowy mountain.mp3
48-snowy mountain (snow boulder mix).mp3
49-snowy mountain (yellow eco vent mix).mp3
50-snowy mountain (flut flut mix).mp3
51-snowy mountain (lurker fort mix).mp3
52-lava tube part 1.mp3
53-lava tube part 2.mp3
54-lava tube part 3.mp3
55-gol and maia citadel.mp3
56-gol and maia citadel (red sage mix).mp3
57-gol and maia citadel (blue sage mix).mp3
58-gol and maia citadel (yellow sage mix).mp3
59-gol and maia citadel (before final battle mix).mp3
60-final battle part 1.mp3
61-final battle part 2.mp3
62-final battle part 3.mp3
63-final battle part 4.mp3
64-ending dialogue.mp3
65-credits & mountain pass (vs. klaww) long version.mp3
66-need 100 power cells ending ~ dialogue.mp3
67-got 100 power cells ending ~ dialogue.mp3
68-a power cell!.mp3
69-bonus ~ daxter ~ hiemlich.mp3
70-bonus ~ daxter~ funeral.mp3
71-bonus ~ daxter ~ good night.mp3
72-bonus ~ daxter ~ well uh.mp3
73-bonus ~ daxter ~ hey jak.mp3
74-bonus ~ daxter ~ down there.mp3
75-bonus ~ daxter ~ don't step into the light.mp3
76-bonus ~ daxter ~ step one and two.mp3
77-bonus ~ daxter ~ i was right behind you.mp3
78-bonus ~ daxter ~ that looks like.mp3

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