MIDI Power X68000 COLLECTION ver.1.0 MP3 Downloads

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01 konami morning music (loading demo).mp3
02 konami logo (konami logo).mp3
03 twinbee is coming (title demo).mp3
04 message from princess mel (start demo).mp3
05 gift of the wind (1st.bgm).mp3
06 crossing a sea of clouds (2st.bgm).mp3
07 sky fortress laputa (3st.bgm).mp3
08 world of the mold (4st.bgm).mp3
09 march of water (5st.bgm).mp3
10 eve temple (6st.bgm).mp3
11 let's face the fog of paradise (7st.bgm).mp3
12 attack of the eve aliens (1,2,5,6,boss).mp3
13 it is coming (3,4,boss).mp3
14 thank you! twinbee (stage clear).mp3
15 eve's brain insects (last boss).mp3
16 the day when peace returned to planet mel (ending).mp3
17 let's try again (game over).mp3
18 congratulations! (ranking).mp3
19 now loading! (loading bgm).mp3
20 title demo (title demo).mp3
21 equipment (select bgm).mp3
22 tabidachi (kuchusen 1).mp3
23 burning heat (1st.bgm).mp3
24 take care! (boss1 bgm).mp3
25 a shooting star (kuchusen 2).mp3
26 synthetic life (2st.bgm).mp3
27 crystal world (3st.bgm).mp3
28 a way out of the difficulty (4st.bgm).mp3
29 the old stone age -1- (5st.bgm 1).mp3
30 the old stone age -2- (5st.bgm 2).mp3
31 maximum speed (6st.bgm).mp3
32 gradius1 boss theme (boss2 bgm).mp3
33 salamander boss theme (boss3 bgm).mp3
34 fire dragon (7st.bgm).mp3
35 into hostile ship (8st.bgm 1).mp3
36 shoot and shoot (8st.bgm 2).mp3
37 the final enemy (8st.bgm 3).mp3
38 farewell (ending).mp3
39 gameover (game over).mp3
40 ranking (ranking).mp3
41 from myth to comic (opening1).mp3
42 parodius leading (opening2).mp3
43 island of pirate (1st.bgm).mp3
44 clown sheds tears three times (2st.bgm).mp3
45 labyrinth (3st.bgm).mp3
46 ah! lightheartedly traveling japan (4st.bgm).mp3
47 space battleship moai (5st.bgm).mp3
48 warship march with today's fever (6st.bgm).mp3
49 beautiful gals (7st.bgm).mp3
50 from the far north country '90 (8st.bgm).mp3
51 night of the living dead (9st.bgm).mp3
52 octopus stronghold theme (10st.bgm).mp3
53 it's ending! (ending).mp3

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