Thousand Arms Original Soundtrack MP3 Downloads

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01-monologue i by tomoko kawakami.mp3
02-journey into adventure.mp3
03-the hometown of my memories.mp3
04-peaceful days.mp3
06-the morning of destruction.mp3
07-the seascape.mp3
08-playful friends.mp3
09-the king of the pirates.mp3
10-leaving shore.mp3
11-the new continent.mp3
12-the station.mp3
13-let the train travel everywhere.mp3
14-the foreigner.mp3
15-the golden road.mp3
16-horror world.mp3
17-the forest of the spirits.mp3
18-gothic story.mp3
19-the fun-loving ghosts.mp3
20-windead house.mp3
21-the ancient land.mp3
22-ancient wisdom.mp3
23-oldeia's memories.mp3
24-the scream of the victims of a massacre.mp3
25-the dark ruins of a castle.mp3
26-wishing on a star.mp3
27-the light of hope.mp3
28-the black flame.mp3
29-monologue ii by tomoko kawakami.mp3
30-sodina's theme - her laughter.mp3
31-muze's theme - the hero visits!.mp3
32-wina's theme - the girl who dances on flames.mp3
33-soji's theme - usuaki's dance.mp3
34-kaireen's theme - the false ballade.mp3
35-nerujya's theme - the maiden chick mode.mp3
36-cliff's theme - send my regards to the beauty.mp3
37-marion's theme - technogirl.mp3
38-meitaria's theme - forever the beautiful girl.mp3
39-old kissu's theme - the legendary love meister.mp3
40-bandegar's theme - love mania.mp3
41-dark's theme - blank night.mp3
42-jeller's theme - jeller love theme.mp3
43-richet's theme - lucky pyon.mp3
44-gobuou's theme - darkness.mp3
45-imperial theme - prelude to darkness.mp3
46-the holy flame.mp3
47-the wind of the ancient.mp3
48-enemy returns to attack.mp3
50-i love work!.mp3
51-the destruction of the world.mp3
52-the whispers of the night sky.mp3
54-the heavenly date.mp3
55-the mysterious meister.mp3
56-parpons please.mp3
64-battle 1.mp3
65-battle 2.mp3
66-monologue iii by tomoko kawakami.mp3

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