Fire Emblem 4 Original Soundtrack MP3 Downloads

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102-theme from fire emblem.mp3
103-historical continent jugdral.mp3
104-glory in grandbell.mp3
105-opening chapter (birth of holy knight).mp3
106-chapter 1 (forest of girl's spirit).mp3
107-chapter 2 (disturbance of agustria).mp3
108-chapter 3 (the son of emperor el toshan).mp3
109-chapter 4 (aerial dance).mp3
110-flowing of time.mp3
111-chapter 5 (door of destiny).mp3
112-the scheme.mp3
113-dear people.mp3
114-end of lost mind.mp3
115-time's rapid progress.mp3
116-chapter 6 (light to success).mp3
117-chapter 7 (trek across the desert).mp3
118-chapter 8 (dragon knight of thracia).mp3
119-chapter 9 (for whom awaits).mp3
120-chapter 10 (the light and darkness).mp3
121-someone from the light.mp3
122-last chapter (the final holy war).mp3
123-aftermath of the continent.mp3
124-a peaceful visit.mp3
125-music box.mp3
126-ending parade.mp3
201-nearby victory.mp3
202-verdane army.mp3
203-augustria army.mp3
204-augustria army (pirates).mp3
205-silesia army.mp3
206-yied army.mp3
207-isaac army.mp3
208-manster army.mp3
209-thracia army.mp3
210-miletoes army.mp3
211-grandbell army 1.mp3
212-grandbell army 2.mp3
213-union army.mp3
214-neutral army.mp3
215-friend's attack.mp3
216-enemy's attack.mp3
217-middle boss.mp3
218-fateful showdown.mp3
219-comrade turned enemy.mp3
220-confront arvis.mp3
221-confront julius.mp3
222-fight with a dancer.mp3
223-chace the dancer.mp3
224-white witchcraft.mp3
225-balkir's ego.mp3
226-level up!.mp3
227-united chance.mp3
228-contest stage (reception).mp3
229-contest stage (match).mp3
230-verdane kingdom.mp3
231-grandbell kingdom.mp3
232-augustria kingdom.mp3
233-silesia kingdom.mp3
234-isaac kingdom.mp3
235-yied kingdom.mp3
236-manster kingdom.mp3
237-thracia kingdom.mp3
238-miletos kingdom.mp3
239-crisis 1.mp3
240-crisis 2.mp3
241-a newly advanced attack.mp3
243-victory 1.mp3
244-victory 2.mp3
245-enemy's message 1.mp3
246-enemy's message 2.mp3
247-enemy's message 3.mp3
248-emperor alvis.mp3
301-fellow people.mp3
303-you foolish soldiers.mp3
304-do & party.mp3
306-lover 1.mp3
307-lover 2.mp3
308-lover 3.mp3
309-lover 4.mp3
310-conversation 1.mp3
311-conversation 2.mp3
312-legend talk.mp3
313-decision 1.mp3
314-decision 2.mp3
315-decision 3.mp3
316-living talk.mp3
317-tiny's theme.mp3
318-eldien's theme.mp3
319-deadra's theme.mp3
320-julia's theme.mp3
321-selis' theme.mp3
322-time of grief 1.mp3
323-time of grief 2 (game over).mp3
324-gold and silver song.mp3
325-touring thoughts.mp3
326-augustria palace.mp3
327-silesia palace.mp3
328-manster palace.mp3
329-isaac palace.mp3
330-new thracia palace.mp3
331-verdane palace.mp3
332-jungby palace.mp3
333-freege palace.mp3
334-dozel palace.mp3
335-edda palace.mp3
336-velthomer palace.mp3
337-chalpy palace.mp3
338-wind warrior folseti.mp3
339-part 1 map medley.mp3

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