Space Quest 1 Vga Original Soundtrack MP3 Downloads

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sq1 01- introduction.mp3
sq1 02- the deltaur intercepts.mp3
sq1 03- arcada hallways.mp3
sq1 04- the lab scientist.mp3
sq1 05- the star generator development laboratory.mp3
sq1 06- arcada lower levels.mp3
sq1 07- arcada airlock.mp3
sq1 08- countdown (roger dies 1).mp3
sq1 09- thrusting through space.mp3
sq1 10- this button is not to be pushed at anytime (roger dies 2).mp3
sq1 11- the autonav button.mp3
sq1 12- skeleton remains.mp3
sq1 13- underground cave.mp3
sq1 14- two guys commentary (roger dies 4).mp3
sq1 15- hologram (bad translation).mp3
sq1 16- sarien spider droid.mp3
sq1 17- orat's cave.mp3
sq1 18- hologram part 2 (proving orat's death).mp3
sq1 19- keronian leader.mp3
sq1 20- the data cartridge.mp3
sq1 21- skimmer theme.mp3
sq1 22- ulence flats.mp3
sq1 23- a business proposition.mp3
sq1 24- rocket bar theme 1- zz top.mp3
sq1 24b- rocket bar theme 1- zz top (studio version).mp3
sq1 25- rocket bar theme 2- the blues brothers.mp3
sq1 26- rocket bar theme 3- madonna.mp3
sq1 27- droids b us.mp3
sq1 28- tiny's used spaceships.mp3
sq1 29- sq4 timepod appearance.mp3
sq1 30- asteroid belt.mp3
sq1 31- the deltaur.mp3
sq1 32- outside the deltaur.mp3
sq1 33- deltaur airlock.mp3
sq1 34- the mystery box ride.mp3
sq1 35- deltaur hallways.mp3
sq1 36- closing theme.mp3
sq1 bonus1- leaving the arcada.mp3
sq1 bonus10- stolen star generator.mp3
sq1 bonus2- touching down on kerona.mp3
sq1 bonus3- the elevator ride.mp3
sq1 bonus4- acid pool.mp3
sq1 bonus5- a big rock (roger dies 5).mp3
sq1 bonus6- slots o death (roger dies 6).mp3
sq1 bonus7- the fire droid.mp3
sq1 bonus8- deltaur ventilation system.mp3
sq1 bonus9 the weapons droid.mp3

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