Garou Densetsu Wild Ambition Arrange Sound Trax MP3 Downloads

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01 wild ambition (opening theme).mp3
02 11th street (terry bogard).mp3
03 ribbon of the night (andy bogard).mp3
04 the river (joe higashi).mp3
05 unexplored territory (mai shiranui).mp3
06 the battue (geese howard).mp3
07 attack me! (kim kaphwan).mp3
08 the long pole (billy kane).mp3
09 black rose (ryuji yamazaki).mp3
10 call from the earth (raiden).mp3
11 man of spirit (toji sakata).mp3
12 hyper optimistic chinatown (li xiangfei).mp3
13 cosmic itch (tsugumi sendo).mp3
14 big shot xl (boss theme - terry bogard).mp3
15 soy sauce for geese ~end of the first nightmare~ (boss theme - geese howard).mp3
16 lost in thought (staff roll).mp3

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