Advance Guardian Heroes Original Sound Tracks MP3 Downloads

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01 crest (expectation on their backs, courage in their hearts).mp3
02 fate (once upon a time, at that place...).mp3
03 treason (confrontation under the setting sun).mp3
04 saint (majestic).mp3
05 soaring (legend of the guardian heroes).mp3
06 premonition (let's begin!).mp3
07 mission - light (hope for tomorrow).mp3
08 heat (scorching samba).mp3
09 hellfire (imminent fear).mp3
10 closed space (prudently and boldy).mp3
11 thorny path (wall of trial).mp3
12 conclusion (clear!).mp3
13 high speed (from one place to the next without stopping).mp3
14 hurricane (dylan appears, night dew trial).mp3
15 worthy rival (the hero's here!).mp3
16 darkness (ambition and conspiracy).mp3
17 military soul (steel and elder brother).mp3
18 empire soul (iron wall march).mp3
19 chaos (kanon howling).mp3
20 wind (run gallantly!).mp3
21 star performer (run towards the setting sun!).mp3
22 reverse - star performer (shadows growing longer in the setting sun).mp3
23 celestial world (inorganic paradise).mp3
24 sand flow (underground pleasure garden).mp3
25 trap (welcome to hell).mp3
26 new - hell fire (imminent pressure).mp3
27 slump (master zur hachamecha's big struggle).mp3
28 mission - shadow (tomorrow is despair).mp3
29 ceiling god (judgement received).mp3
30 heavy burden (super pressure).mp3
31 return (many thanks).mp3
32 delight (launch soul).mp3
33 recollection (...and that's how the story goes).mp3
34 advance guardian heroes arrange version.mp3

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