Wild Arms the 4th Detonator Original Score MP3 Downloads

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101 the 4th detonator.mp3
102 i look up at the sky because you are there (opening theme).mp3
103 stationary village ciel.mp3
104 perilous change.mp3
105 catastrophe now.mp3
106 clash, the fourth battle position.mp3
107 for the sake of one flower.mp3
108 over the wind.mp3
109 gun blaze.mp3
110 condition green!.mp3
111 port ailinton.mp3
112 so close, yet so far away.mp3
113 friends who watch your back.mp3
114 totally busy.mp3
115 time and rocks piled up.mp3
116 ghosts of the knights.mp3
117 a future wet with tears.mp3
118 shadow territory.mp3
119 critical attack - breaking boundaries.mp3
201 in the cold iron box.mp3
202 from anxiety to impatience.mp3
203 reason which becomes clear in a moment.mp3
204 weapon x.mp3
205 the shining spear pierces the darkness.mp3
206 nightmare spiral.mp3
207 beckoning bewitching princess.mp3
208 like a rolling stone.mp3
209 unrest.mp3
210 nanodat the gardener!.mp3
211 nightless city guara bobelo.mp3
212 gloom of the duelist.mp3
213 with admiration and returned blood.mp3
214 the unknown terminal station.mp3
215 run without stopping time.mp3
216 at the end of the wilderness ver. detonator.mp3
217 taste of the sand that sheds no tears.mp3
218 flickering flame in the darkness.mp3
219 unbinded shackles, released brute.mp3
301 dark grey back ry.mp3
302 wandering nothingness.mp3
303 howling at an unstoppable fate.mp3
304 force, storm, and crisis.mp3
305 buried city.mp3
306 black trigger.mp3
307 starlight and the passing breeze.mp3
308 trusting in the wings beyond the storm.mp3
309 taking the name of exorcist.mp3
310 feeling the bonds.mp3
311 that is where the spirit becomes certain.mp3
312 from your tears....mp3
313 infrared threat.mp3
314 secret of the thin line between truth and lies.mp3
315 those sparkling eyes, that shining smile.mp3
316 you are to take the lost sword.mp3
317 the funeral rain flows down your cheek.mp3
318 green tracks.mp3
319 don't be afraid of the future.mp3
320 frontier harim.mp3
321 manifestation from hell.mp3
401 catch, call, and awaken.mp3
402 the flower blooms in the heart as much as it can.mp3
403 reckless arm.mp3
404 until the sorrow ends.mp3
405 falling stardust, dancing in the wilderness.mp3
406 black shadow of the closing coffin.mp3
407 hauser hazard.mp3
408 i look up at the sky because you are there.mp3
409 the path of no return.mp3
410 if you call out that name beyond the wind.mp3
411 the desire to fly exceeds words.mp3
412 neverending story.mp3
413 as time goes by ~never forget me~.mp3
414 introduction.mp3
415 bird's-eye view test.mp3
416 do it.mp3
417 launch the land gear!.mp3
418 ex. file.mp3
419 yet another ex. file.mp3
420 the power to control.mp3
421 leave it to me.mp3
422 the hand reaching out to the sky above.mp3

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