Ganbare Goemon ~Neo Momoyama-Bakufu no Odori~ Original Game Soundtrack MP3 Downloads

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00 cd.jpg
00 cd holder.jpg
00 pages 0 and 7.jpg
00 pages 1 and 6.jpg
00 pages 2 and 5.jpg
00 pages 3 and 4.jpg
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00 postcard front.jpg
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01 ganbare goemon no teema [ganbare goemon theme].mp3
02 ore wa impact [i am impact].mp3
03 the journey begins on mt. fuji road (kai ~ road to iga).mp3
04 flowery oedo, the lost village (lost village).mp3
05 secrets of old man plasma (fortuneteller's shop).mp3
06 wait a sec, i'm coming (oedo castle infiltration).mp3
07 rescue the feudal lord! (remodeled oedo castle).mp3
08 voluptuous cauliflower (theme of the gang of four).mp3
09 i'm warning you, you'll get burned (oedo castle battle).mp3
10 easy victory - get a way (item get).mp3
11 warriors (giant boss battle).mp3
12 a zen spirit burns crimson (zazen town).mp3
13 a pink flower for your tabi (road to yamato).mp3
14 ancient bamboo (bamboo ticket).mp3
15 heartbeat bossa nova (tourist).mp3
16 twilight koryuta (koryuta's theme).mp3
17 stairs of regret (kumbhira stairs).mp3
18 sunset - want you (tosa - road to iyo).mp3
19 childhood toy behind you (toy castle).mp3
20 heartbreak corlin (toy castle boss).mp3
21 domineering march (theme of evil).mp3
22 farm village legend (erayatcha village).mp3
23 udon kotarou (bizen ~ road to akiyoshidai).mp3
24 god's giant tree (large tree at izumo shrine).mp3
25 battery of the heart (sasuke's revival).mp3
26 use the ice kunai on the fox's fire (temple castle).mp3
27 oni oni redezvous (game over).mp3
28 stop them, banzai! (subgame).mp3
29 the melting snow goes along with the festival (festival village).mp3
30 the deep, flickering white shadow (mount fear - shoreline).mp3
31 airy mermaid (japan sea - underwater).mp3
32 hot-blooded man (submarine castle).mp3
33 apparition in the middle of the lake (kappa's kihachi).mp3
34 holy ground pemopemo (stone circle).mp3
35 kabuking (musical castle first half).mp3
36 sogen street (sogen village).mp3
37 goe goe spark (musical castle last half).mp3
38 little baby sleepin' (balbera battle).mp3
39 dark de bad na easy yo! (d'etoile battle).mp3
40 peaceful again! (ending part 1).mp3
41 such a crazy...! (ending part 2).mp3
42 we did it! the sky is sunny, and so is japan (staff roll arrange version).mp3
43 gorgeous my stage.mp3
44 ore wa impact ~momoyama mix 1997~.mp3

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