Ganbare Goemon ~Deroderodochu Obake Tenkomori~ Original Game Soundtrack MP3 Downloads

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00 booklet back.jpg
00 booklet front.jpg
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00 booklet pages 5 and 6.jpg
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01 smile again (theme song).mp3
02 white blouse (selection).mp3
03 next chapter (area title).mp3
04 adventure map (large map).mp3
05 taking care of the horses (lost'n highway).mp3
06 getting wet from the dew... (night time in edo).mp3
07 easy victory get a way (get a new item).mp3
08 even dogs get lost walking in this town (lost'n town).mp3
09 heart batteries part ii (sasuke appearance).mp3
10 man, this sucks (i want beat mania).mp3
11 sweet tasty delicious water (digadug gold mine).mp3
12 don't be hit by the bones (gashadokuro fight).mp3
13 let's try the next one (mudrotter killing).mp3
14 the alarm bell of mankind (ringbell pass).mp3
15 mini-mission completed (tanuki goal).mp3
16 a pass is necessary (the barrier station).mp3
17 terror at edo! impact possessed! (reckless driving impact).mp3
18 burning my soul (flaming edo castle).mp3
19 the aloof soldier (shishikakashi appearance).mp3
20 what is yours is also mine (omicchan rescue).mp3
21 ambitions of mr. know-it-all (mr. know-it-all).mp3
22 double impact (ride on impact).mp3
23 he is big! way too big! (giant boss battle).mp3
24 to be continued (bismaru pod).mp3
25 yes, we did it! je t'aime (area clear).mp3
26 kappa travelling in roaming road (kappa highway) .mp3
27 re-seeing! (frog mountain).mp3
28 frogs, and frogs again (night time in ryugu).mp3
29 coming with resort feeling (otohime town).mp3
30 the female ninja joins the team (yae appearance).mp3
31 it can be explained with plasma (at the fortuneteller's).mp3
32 rivals forever! (the great obisumaru race).mp3
33 more than love... (naruto highway).mp3
34 everyone's born from water (deep sea highway underwater).mp3
35 at the ryugu, daily life on turtle back (ryugu castle) .mp3
36 the electromotive hell (kokeshi road).mp3
37 welcome to the nightclub (night on mafu island).mp3
38 a road difficult to access (maneater road).mp3
39 the cave explorers saw it (pochan lake).mp3
40 suspicious figure (spook village).mp3
41 running the giant wheel (graveyard pass).mp3
42 sanshirou (majin castle).mp3
43 it's sake (dochuki returns).mp3
44 oni 127 (game over).mp3
45 please, come and grow (kaiware road).mp3
46 tororo-kun is my neighbor (mokeke forest).mp3
47 fantastic seven revolution, eighth happening (night in the underworld).mp3
48 x2.2 difficulty for the team ~ mr. hardhead ~ (lost valley).mp3
49 terror for 3,500 ryo (tree stump village).mp3
50 without relying on the map (creep village at noon).mp3
51 underground paradise (underworld castle).mp3
52 nominee for the lead in the next season (underworld boundary area clear).mp3
53 passionate horny man (cloud fortress).mp3
54 slippery earth (night at the floating castle).mp3
55 it can go underwater too (the sky garden).mp3
56 exciting rhapsody (floating world town).mp3
57 foreboding of heart-pounding (phone consulation room).mp3
58 groan! rampart of strong wind (wind castle wall).mp3
59 my name is death (final boss battle).mp3
60 what is this! (dochuki battle part 1).mp3
61 decisive battle (dochuki battle part 2).mp3
62 fate of dochuki (floating castle area clear part 1).mp3
63 the power of nice smell (floating castle area clear part 2).mp3
64 the sunset '98 (floating castle area clear part 3).mp3
65 it was troubling (ending part 1).mp3
66 the end comes (ending part 2).mp3
67 mischief (ending part 3).mp3
68 we did it! the sky is shining again, japan is shining again! (staff roll).mp3

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