Super Famicom Magazine Vol.9 MP3 Downloads

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01 a boy aims towards the wilderness [seiken densetsu 2].mp3
02 the little sprite [seiken densetsu 2].mp3
03 leave time for love [seiken densetsu 2].mp3
04 i won't forget [seiken densetsu 2].mp3
05 red wings [final fantasy iv].mp3
06 baron kingdom [final fantasy iv].mp3
07 last battle [final fantasy iv].mp3
08 albert [romancing saga].mp3
09 battle 1 [romancing saga].mp3
10 heartbroken aisha [romancing saga].mp3
11 end title [final fantasy v].mp3
12 cave and waterfall [mystic quest].mp3
13 battle 1 [mystic quest].mp3
14 fossil labyrinth [mystic quest].mp3
15 the omen of maelstrom [sword world sfc].mp3
16 adventurer's store [sword world sfc].mp3
17 encounter [sword world sfc].mp3
18 my path is lost [sword world sfc].mp3
19 main stage 1 town [crayon shin-chan- osagusu dobo].mp3
20 main stage 2 haunted house [crayon shin-chan- osagusu dobo].mp3
21 main stage 3 mekemeke team base [crayon shin-chan- osagusu dobo].mp3
22 main stage 4 snow town [crayon shin-chan- osagusu dobo].mp3
23 japan [kunio-kun no dodge ball dayo zenin shuugo].mp3
24 britain [kunio-kun no dodge ball dayo zenin shuugo].mp3
25 india [kunio-kun no dodge ball dayo zenin shuugo].mp3
26 main [super nobunaga's ambition- zenkokuban].mp3
27 war [super nobunaga's ambition- zenkokuban].mp3
28 area map [bazoo! mahou sekai].mp3
29 dungeon [bazoo! mahou sekai].mp3
30 during a boss [bazoo! mahou sekai].mp3
31 mobile vehicle [bazoo! mahou sekai].mp3
32 japan [sonic wings].mp3
33 mediterranean [sonic wings].mp3
34 russia [sonic wings].mp3
35 dream police [nitro punks- might heads].mp3
36 basket music [nitro punks- might heads].mp3
37 ticktack [nitro punks- might heads].mp3
38 stage 1 [tekkaman blade- uchuu no kishi].mp3
39 stage 4 [tekkaman blade- uchuu no kishi].mp3
40 map selection [super scope hunting lord yoshi].mp3
41 mushroom land [super scope hunting lord yoshi].mp3
42 korone cave [super scope hunting lord yoshi].mp3
43 ranking bgm [super scope hunting lord yoshi].mp3

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