Super Famicom Magazine Vol.8 MP3 Downloads

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01 strategic command [super robot wars 2].mp3
02 wildness war [super robot wars 2].mp3
03 ground zero [super robot wars 2].mp3
04 violent battle [super robot wars 2].mp3
05 title (original version) [silver saga 2].mp3
06 world map [silver saga 2].mp3
07 zorute battle [silver saga 2].mp3
08 ga ga ga dance [maijing z].mp3
09 final mission [maijing z].mp3
10 demons [maijing z].mp3
11 suchi-pai's theme [beauty girl fighter suchi-pai].mp3
12 story theme [beauty girl fighter suchi-pai].mp3
13 mah-jongg theme [beauty girl fighter suchi-pai].mp3
14 prologue of fighting [megalomania].mp3
15 happy times [megalomania].mp3
16 brazil [super formation soccer 2].mp3
17 japan [super formation soccer 2].mp3
18 netherlands [super formation soccer 2].mp3
19 spain [super formation soccer 2].mp3
20 mode selection [all-japan pro wrestling].mp3
21 brook's theme [all-japan pro wrestling].mp3
22 kikuchi's theme [all-japan pro wrestling].mp3
23 hansen's theme [all-japan pro wrestling].mp3
24 tsuruta's theme [all-japan pro wrestling].mp3
25 baba's theme [all-japan pro wrestling].mp3
26 dungeon [dragon slayer the legend of heroes ii].mp3
27 town at the bottom of the earth [dragon slayer the legend of heroes ii].mp3
28 gurosuto castle 1 [dragon slayer the legend of heroes ii].mp3
29 gurosuto castle 2 [dragon slayer the legend of heroes ii].mp3
30 demon's castle [super ghouls 'n ghosts].mp3
31 demon lord samaeru [super ghouls 'n ghosts].mp3
32 lava cave [super ghouls 'n ghosts].mp3
33 sagat (thailand) [street fighter ii].mp3
34 zangief (u.s.s.r.) [street fighter ii].mp3
35 vega (thailand) [street fighter ii].mp3
36 blanka (brazil) [street fighter ii].mp3
37 area battle no.2 [area 88].mp3
38 area battle no.4 [area 88].mp3
39 stage battle no.1 [final fight].mp3
40 stage battle no.2 [final fight].mp3
41 super hong kong [final fight 2].mp3
42 italy stage [final fight 2].mp3
43 britain stage [final fight 2].mp3
44 field map (first part) [breath of fire].mp3
45 battle theme (latter part) [breath of fire].mp3
46 dragon shrine [breath of fire].mp3
47 last dungeon [breath of fire].mp3

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