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We realize MP3s have become a hot-heated issue in recent times, so we'd like to provide some clarification: Galbadia Hotel will make every effort to not only comply with the law, but also with the wishes (within reason) of copyright holders and artists. Video game music is market that was virtually created because of the activity in VGM communities online. Owners own the games: all they didn't have previously was a way to listen to the music. We provide an easy way for users to have a chance to re-experience the music in games they love, which we're quite sure will actually create a market for commercial game music, not diminish it.

Currently the only viable market exists mostly in Japan. Unfortunately for most of us, obtaining said releases is near-impossible: often ridiculous import charges are appended and inflate the price. Not only that, but frequently imported CDs are often bootlegs themselves- and the artists, record labels, and copyright holders earn no money from their sales.

As of August 2005, not a single company has contacted us. Hopefully this will give you some peace of mind.

Regardless, though, we'll comply with all reasonable removal requests from copyright holders, record labels, and the artists themselves.

One of Galbadia Hotel's long term missions is to aid in creating a viable video game music market in non-Japanese audiences. Eventually, we hope our site will lead to more commercially available video game music within our reach, not less.

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